November 22, 2018
It is certainly the case that the current state of the news media that drove Donald Kerry Frey to create his news site Nova Tribune ( He admits to frustration over the news media’s current tendency to only present one side or another on an issue, without showing all viewpoints on a news item. This inherent bias led him to try to find a solution. With Nova Tribune, Donald seeks to present the news with an even hand, presenting information from all sides.

Overall, Donald Kerry Frey is quite confident that his background as a tech entrepreneur gives him the knowledge and the resources to make successes of Nova Tribune. He hopes it will be a major media source for many years to come long time. Nova Tribune is certainly innovative in its approach. By presenting news from many different fields and interests, when readers consume news from Nova Tribune, they will know they have seen all sides of every issue. That is the best way to understand what you’re talking about.